Board decisions


  • Number: unassigned
  • Status: draft
  • Author: Pieter Hintjens
  • Date: 2007/10/17

This policy describes how the executive board ("board") receives, discusses, and votes on formal decisions, and how these are recorded.


Any member can ask the board to make a decision. Requests for decisions are recorded on a microsite using a standardized format. Board members can read and comment on these requests, and can vote asynchronously. When a simple majority of the board has voted for, or against, the decision is approved or rejected. Decisions may be re-submitted, if board members made comments for changes.

Decisions are classified into: pending, rejected, and approved.

When a board member votes to reject a decision, they SHOULD justify their vote with a comment.

All discussion around decisions is carried out informally, using irc, email, face to face, or other means. Where possible, such discussion is done between all fellows, rather than just between the board.

When a decision is approved or rejected, any member can appeal to the board to review their decision. Appeals are voted by the assembly of fellows, and then again by the board.


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