Policy for policies


  • Number: Policy-001
  • Status: voted
  • Author: Pieter Hintjens
  • Date: 2007/11/18


What is a policy?

Policies are governance tools. They act as standards for collective or individual behavior as it affects the organization. Policies are written in plain US English, and translated as necessary. All policies are public. Policies are numbered sequentially. This policy is Policy-001.

How are policies produced?

Any member or group of members can propose policies. Policies are reviewed by the assembly of fellows. Policies are informal and non-binding until they are approved by the board by a formal decision.

How are policies documented?

All policies are listed on a dedicated public microsite with fixed URLs that include the policy number. Members can view and comment on policies. Policy documentation is always included within the policy.

How are policies updated?

Any member can comment on a policy. Revised policies are produced using the same process as for new policies, and indicate clearly which policies they supersede. Policies can be merged and split as needed during revision.

How are policies enforced?

Policies are the rules by which the members of the association collaborate. Membership of the association requires adherence to all approved policies. Behavior that is incompatible with an approved policy is grounds for suspension or withdrawal of membership. The assembly of fellows must confirm any board decision with respect to such action.

What if policies contradict each other?

Contradicting or overlapping policies are not allowed. If a new policy would create a contradiction with existing policies, these must all be resolved by revising all affected policies. If contradictions are found in new approved policies, these policies must be revised as soon as possible.


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