• Number: Policy-006
  • Status: voted
  • Author: Pieter Hintjens
  • Date: 6 April 2008

This policy describes how workgroups are started and run.


Creating a new workgroup

New workgroups are approved by the Digistan board in discussion with members. The Digistan board is the sole authority that can create and delete Digistan workgroups.

Any person can request to start a new Digistan workgroup by discussing the idea on the gro.natsigid|cilbup#gro.natsigid|cilbup mailing list. In general workgroups should be in line with Digistan's objectives, founded by someone who has already participated in existing Digistan workgroups, and not overlap with other Digistan workgroups.


All workgroups have a set of founders, who run the workgroup according to policies. By default this policy governs workgroups that have no explicit policy.

There are two types of workgroup: public and private. While we value transparency, we also value privacy in some cases. Private workgroups allow the discussion of topics that may be controversial.


Membership of workgroups is subject to moderation, i.e. approval by the workgroup founders. The workgroup founders may remove people from the workgroup without explanation. In general workgroup founders are expected to actively moderate membership so that inactive, disruptive, or exploitative individuals are removed, and constructive individuals are recruited.


Workgroups are assumed to go through a "green to brown" lifecycle whereby they grow, produce useful works, and eventually stagnate. The Digistan board will as one of its roles identify "brown" workgroups, that have become unproductive or burnt-out, and archive, reform, or delete them as necessary.

Mailing lists

By default a workgroup has one list, which is public or private according to the status of the list. Workgroups may create more lists with different public/private status. If a workgroup has two lists, one private and one public, all members of the private list should also be in the public list.


All workgroup lists are archived. Archives are public/private according to the status of the workgroup. If a private workgroup is made public, all archives will be deleted and kept offline for historical purposes.

National chapters

National chapters are implemented as Digistan workgroups.


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