Regional Chapters


  • Number: Policy-007
  • Status: voted
  • Author: Pieter Hintjens
  • Date: 11 April, 2007

This policy defines the operational model and default policies for Digistan regional chapters. This policy may be redrafted as a more formal specification of the rights and obligations of regional chapters at a later date.


A national chapter exists to:

  • Interface with regional governments, businesses, and press
  • Create a regional communications infrastructure for activists
  • Translate materials into regional languages
  • Research and report on regional news and initiatives
  • Help with regional open-standards projects

A regional chapter can cover any appropriate geographic area including:

  • A country (e.g. Belgium)
  • A community of countries (e.g. EU)
  • A linguistic region within one country or across multiple countries (e.g. Francophone)

All regional chapters have a name which is a short convenient identifier of the region being covered.

The default structure of a regional chapter is:

  • A public list called namegro.natsigid|cilbup-#gro.natsigid|cilbup-
  • A private list called
  • A public wiki called
  • Optionally, a private wiki on name.gro.natsigid|etavirp#gro.natsigid|etavirp

These policies govern the regional chapter email lists:

  • All members of the private list are also on the public list.
  • All news reports and public discussions happen on the public list.
  • Membership of the private list is moderated and by invitation only.

These policies govern the legal relationship between and a chapter (which may eventually be a legal entity):

  • A chapter may not register a URL containing the word "Digistan" unless it is registered with as its owner.
  • A chapter many not file a trademark using the word "Digistan".
  • A chapter may not enter into any agreements, or commit to any obligations, in the name of Digistan.
  • A chapter may speak for itself and its members, and for Digistan with respect to a regional mandate granted by the Digistan board.
  • A chapter is expected to work with the Digistan policies (and help improve them where necessary).


  • A chapter will only be created on demand.
  • A chapter will be kept in existence only so long as it is active.


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